How do you see the future of Tibet?

How do you see the future of Tibet?


Wang Lixiong:

I am not a religious believer, hence I cannot see the future from the point of view of predestination, nor can I hope for the intervention of some mysterious forces. Generally speaking my view of the future is pessimistic – for Tibet, China, and for humanity. This pessimism is based on the current reality, and its logical progression. Rationally speaking, it seems difficult to reach any other conclusion except that the existence of humanity is meaningless and absurd.


From a sociological perspective, it is unavoidable for an agnostic to harbor hopes that religion can change the tragic future of humanity, and to give one meaning in life. Although I’m not very confident of such a future, I do really hope that religion can be a means to halt the pessimistic progression of things. I have a heartfelt belief that if religion can have such an effect on the future, then Tibetan Buddhism will definitely be one of the major forces. Interestingly enough, the biggest group of people that Tibetan Buddhism will help are the Chinese people who have given the Tibetans the most pain and misery. Whenever I think about this I can feel the ocean-like compassion of the Buddha, and understand the bodhisattva spirit, which causes one to personally go down to hell to liberate the beings suffering there.












2002-8-10 北京



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